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ATSC™ is an English company, founded in 1997 and, operating on international markets, with customers that include governments, government agencies, corporations and private entities, all having in common the need to enhance and improve security and safety of their citizens and customers.

ATSC™ is primarily aimed at developing effective security solutions, that would enhance the safety of people, not only in conflict areas but, also, in densely populated areas.

Our Approach

Our business concept and mission
ATSC™ constantly adopts and improves new technology to meet both changing customer needs and new security challenges. ATSC™ serves the international market of governments, government agencies and corporations with products and solutions of the highest quality, aiming at applications in civil defense to military security.

Our misssion: To make people feel safer by overcoming the limits of technology.

How do we achieve our goals? By constantly improving and updating technological solutions. By implementing new technologies that are cost effective and safe, we increase security in our society, for its people, and for those whose job it is to maintain security.

ATSC™ operates on the global market having local representation in the main areas of interest.

Our clients include governmental organizations, police and defense forces, NGOs, multi-national companies and security companies with a focus on emerging markets in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa.

Our dealers opperate in the following countries: China, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Kenya, Syria, Belgium and more. (Please note that currently, sales into Iraq & Afghanistan, are under UK export control restrictions and therefore, you should contact ATSC direct for any information in this areas).

With a distribution and service network operating in more than 20 countries, we are able to serve our clients in most areas around the Globe.

Services in Security Equipment


Detection and location of hazardous substances, drugs, explosives, weapons etc.
ATSC™ provides a complete range of equipment for the detection of explosive materials, chemical and biological agents, as well as radiation protection equipment.
Our security products include a complete range of fixed, mobile and portable instruments used for security and control in airports, ports, embassies, border crossings, critical infrastructure elements, high risk facilities, environmental monitoring and response organization in accidents or natural disasters situations.

Security control with X-ray equipment
Our company provides a complete range of services regarding X-ray control equipment, both conventional, as well as CT technology, for luggage and postal packages control, and for the control of transported merchandise and persons. Based on the latest technology available, they include the latest in security control.

Explosives Detectors

The explosives detector de provided by our company is based on a combination between high-speed gas chromatography (HSGC) and differential ion mobility spectrometry (DMx); it is an extremely sensitive product, characterized by a very low rate of false alarms, identifying simultaneously plastic explosives, as well as commercial and military explosives and ICAO markers.
The accuracy of the laboratory techniques and the functioning safety in the field converts this detector into one of the safest and indispensable pieces of equipment of any security application.

Appliance Authority

Individual Scanner

Using an unique technology, patented by the manufacturer, it can identify in 2-3 seconds any metallic or nonmetallic objects, explosives, drugs, or flammable substances hidden on the surface of the human body. Using a low-ionization, non-cumulative and non-invasive microwave technology, that has no effect on the human body, the equipment is a lot safer than any other existing technology used in individual control entering high-security areas.

Conventional X-ray equipment: Covers all the range of requirements from the point of view of the size of controlled luggage, of the degree of penetration of the system’s ergonomic character and of image processing requirements, providing high resolution images, thus meeting the requirements of the highest existing security standards.

Real-time X-ray control equipment for postage packages, both fixed and portable: can identify very small quantities of substance, present in small postage packages. The high resolution images help identify the smallest particles, powders, plastic explosives, fluids, microcircuits or extremely thin electric wires.
The technical characteristics of the equipment convert it into an indispensable instrument in any high-risk security application.


The equipment provided by our company cover a wide range of systems such as: Personal Radiation Detectors, Radiation level monitoring software, Mobile radiation detection system, Passive radiation detection equipment.

Detector of probable anomalies: uses microwave technology to identify density anomalies in various objects subject to security controls, allowing to identify objects hidden in various packages or parcels and is used by many customs authorities and other security agencies in specific control activities.

Portable X-ray control equipment: designed mainly for anti-terrorist control, but can be used in other fields as well.
A revolutionary equipment for the identification of potential threats providing the anti-terrorist squads, customs authorities, police forces and other forces involved in such activities with the opportunity to respond in a more efficient, expeditious and safe manner to potential threats.

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