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Advanced Detection Equipment 651

Posted on August 16, 2016  in Uncategorized

ADE651 - Advanced Detection Equipment

What is the ADE?
The ADE (Advanced Detection Equipment), is a revolutionary tool in the effective detection and location of Narcotics (drugs), Explosives, and specific substances at long-range distances. The first tests we conducted showed an �indicative� detection range of approximately 650 metres and hence, the first version was called; ADE650. However, over the years, the ADE developed and its current model, (ADE 651, 680) has more enhanced features making it a more useable and more effective device.

How does the ADE work?
The ADE works on a principal we have termed as Electro-Magnetic Attraction. The principle for long range detection is based on the substance excitation that needs to be detected, with an electromagnetic field that propagates on a long distance and is not disturbed by the “electromagnetic noise” from the environment generated by the RF transmitters and other electronic equipments that use electric current or electromagnetic waves.

Simultaneous Detection of Multiple Types of Explosives or Drugs
As mentioned, the ADE651® incorporates electromagnetic attraction [EMA] technology to target specific substances. It can accommodate multiple substance detection through the use of our proprietary sensor-cards to detect a broad range of explosive or drug [narcotic] materials. It can narrow-down this to identify a specific substance by removing the individual detection cards from the unit after first detection, until the attraction is lost.

Ignores All Known Concealment Methods
By programming the detection cards to specifically target a particular substance material, (through the proprietary process of electro-static matching of the charge and structure of the substance), the ADE651® will “by-pass” all currently known attempts to conceal the target. It has been shown in tests to infiltrate Lead, other metals, concrete, and other matter (including hiding inside the body) used in the attempt to block the attracing signal.

No Consumables nor Maintenance Contracts Required
Unlike most Trace Detectors that require the supply of sample traps, the ADE651® does not utilize any consumables (exceptions include: cotton-gloves and cleanser) thereby reducing the operational costs of the equipment. The equipment is Operator maintained and requires no ongoing maintenance service contracts. ADE651® comes with a hardware warranty and since the equipment is powered electro statically, there are no batteries or conventional power

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