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Beirut’s Recovery Using ADE651

Posted on August 19, 2016  in Uncategorized

In the history of every nation, there are many scars left by bloody wars. The destruction caused by those wars, the human tragedies and the large amount of deaths are some of the things that influence not only the fate of an entire nation, but the very lives of those who managed to survive a war. Still, life’s not always about death and destruction. Things move on. People move on.

Humans are in such way constructed that they always move on. We have a special power to get over things, some belief in a better future. Combined with advanced technology, those are the ingredients for curing the scars left by the war.

Beirut’s recovery is a similar situation, after a massive Israeli air force bombing, an event that left a profound mark in Lebanon’s history. Although it was a terrible tragedy, people prevailed and, along with local authorities, equipped with cutting edge technology, succeeded in laying a foundation for a new beginning.

After the Israeli air force bombing of Beirut – Lebanon’s capital with over one million inhabitants today -, besides numerous damage on population, economy and architecture of the entire city, there were many bombs left unexploded, at different depths beneath the surface.

Things have not remained so since, over time, Lebanese authorities have requested a thorough inspection in Beirut, specifically in one of the areas most affected by the bombing in question (in 2006). In order to find unexploded bombs buried deep underground, and to avoid devastating events caused by a possible explosion, Lebanese authorities have used special equipment to detect them – the ADE 651 explosives detector. One of the most important checks carried out by ADE 651, took place in one of several bridges destroyed in Israeli air force bombing.

After using the ADE 651, there was a small area that indicated the presence of explosive devices. The area was excavated thoroughly to the depths of over 10 meters, and there was found an unexploded bomb – one that can see in the image. Thus, the technology and professionalism of Lebanese authorities were able to solve one of the most dangerous signs of war. A possible explosion of such a bomb buried underground would have made numerous claims, risking the loss of a large number of lives.

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